2017-18 Lodge Officers

Attleboro Elks #1014

*Exalted Ruler                                                                      George H. Sousa

*Esteemed Leading Knight                                                    Jonathan D. Brito
*Esteemed Loyal Knight                                                       Ashley L. Blauvelt

*Esteemed Lecturing Knight                                                     Lynn Monahan
Secretary                                                        John C. Mack, PER, PDD, HLM
Treasurer                                                                              Robert D. Whaley
Tiler                                                                                     Thomas R. Mayers


*Trustee 1 Year                                            Richard M. Farmer PER, DDGER *Trustee 2 Year                                                                         Bruce T. Perry

*Trustee 3 Year                                                                      Marc R. Goyette *Trustee 4 Year                                                       Edward A. McCarthy, PER
*Trustee 5 Year                                                               Joseph W. Martin, Jr.


Esquire                                                    Lawrence Quaglia, PER, PDD, HLM
Chaplain                                                                    Alfred R. Tremblay, PER
Inner Guard                                                                            Philip G. Ventola
Presiding Justice                                                                   Carolyn J. Tedino

*The Board of Directors consists of the four Chair Officers and members of the Board of Trustees.


Just a few of the Elks #1014 Committees Making a Difference:

House Committee
Elks National Foundation - ENF Committee
PER Association

Veterans Services
Flag Day
Memorial Day Parade

Youth Activities
Youth Appreciation Night
Drug Awareness
Hoop Shoot
Soccer Shoot
Fishing Derby
Attleboro-Feehan Kickoff Dinner

Senior Citizens Dinner
Special Olympics
3 Day BBQ
Wednesday Night BBQ
Wednesday Night Pasta
Mother's Day
ENF Fundraiser / Dirty Deeds Concert

Public Relations
Accident Prevention
Government Relations
Building Committee
Social Media 
Grant Coordination